Monday, August 27, 2012

Next SF Super Model's Audition Results

On the 26th of August, Classic w/ Style was proud to hold the Next SF Super Model audition

SF Design - serving the men and women of Second life® since 2004
SF Design Blog
We will give away 35,000 L$ and a Gown or Tuxedo  to Named after you- made by Ms Swaffette Firefly

The men and women were asked to audition in the following outfits from SF Design:

Congratulations to the following for making it into the Next SF Design Super Model competition!

1.Janet Brink
2. Silkyvv Resident
4. sweetyuna wendel
5. Chevia Johansson
6. Phedre Lefevre
7. katloader Resident
8. loveangelrae
9.  Kaitlyn Spyker
10. Zigrich Zsigmond
11. Philippe Byron
12.  lizzylola Resident
13. Reese Shawbridge
14.  Subrina Bearsfoot
15.  Ajay xigalia

What's next?

SF Super Model 2012 Elimination Process
Get Ready!  Please read the whole note:
┋★Sponsor by CWS and SF's Design
┋┋★ωнєяє: ...::: Red Runway
┋┋┋★ωнєη: »» Sunday  September 2nd, 2012
┋┋┋┋★Time:  12:00 pm/slt
TP here:

What to Prepare

Please Get Ready ! You made it!  You will compete to our next Elimination round on  September 2nd.  Please read the whole note and check the blog:

1. Your Application must be turned in now till August 31st 2012 
  • You will receive your application in-world
2. "Theme" You must wear the SF  Outfit Name

 For Female: Must wear  Melinda:
 It comes in different colors you can chose the color you want.
 You can wear or style it in different styles
For Male: You must wear Beach Boy Yellow:
 It comes in different colors you can chose the color you want.
Get it at
3. What to get ready during the elimination process
 ~~Make sure your note is send in on time and fill in correctly.
 ~~Get 10 poses Ready in front of the judges.
~~Get your description of your Melindar's  or Beach Boys for male outfit. You will paste your description when you get in front of the judges.

Remember we will eliminate 2 finalists and only 13  contestants will remain to compete for the following week.



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  1. WTG to all 15 winners congrat and gl to the next round ! just amazing you all!