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SF Super Model 2012 Elimination Process Round 6

On the 21st of October 2012, Classic w/ Style was proud to hold the Next SF Super Model 6th Elimination Round:
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We will give away 35,000 L$ and a Gown or Tuxedo  to Named after you- made by Ms Swaffette Firefly

The finalists were asked to audition in the following theme styled from SF Design:

"Theme" Casual and then Formal
  • Each finalist will be called twice
  • You must wear :
    • 1st time: Casual outfit and do 10 poses in front of the judges.
    • 2nd time: Formal outfit and do 10 poses in front of the judges
  • You must wear SF clothes only (your choice of outfits).
  • You can wear or style it in different styles
  • You can buy any type of  accessories from SF Designs

Congratulations to the following for making it into the Next SF Design Super Model
competition!  You made it and you are going to do the next round.

Top three (3) who will be in the next round in no particular order

1. Mr Philippe Byron
2. Ms Thrishia Denver
3. Mschevia Resident
Philippe Byron
Philippe in SFD Casual

Philippe in SFD Formal

Thrishia Denver
Thrishia in SFD Casual

Thrishia in SFD Formal

Mschevia Resident
Mschevia in SFD Casual

Mschevia in SFD Formal

Be there in a couple of weeks on October 28th for the Finale!

What's next?

SF Super Model 2012 Finale

Get Ready!  Please read the whole note:
┋★Sponsor by CWS and SF's Design
┋┋★ωнєяє: ...::: Red Runway
┋┋┋★ωнєη: »» Sunday  October 28th, 2012
┋┋┋┋★Time:  12:00 pm/slt

TP here:

What to Prepare

CONGRATULATION:  You made it and you are guaranteed to win prizes being on top three (3)
Please read the whole note and check the blog:

The crown winner will win this:

  • The title of Next SF Super Model 2012
  • 20 000L$  Sponsored by Classic W/ Style
  • Gown or Tuxedo will be Name after You. By swaffette Firefly
  • You will be photograph by our in house Photographer.
  • Your picture will be in our magazine and video ad announcement .

First Runner Up:

  • 10 000L$
  • Gift Certificate from SF's Design

Second Runner Up:

  • 5 000L$
  • Gift Certificate from SF's Design

1. Your Application must be turned in now until October 26th,  2012
  • You will receive your application in-world
2. "Theme" and What to Get Ready
    • 1st Category: Swimwear
      • You must wear any of SF Swimwear
    • 2nd Category: Talent
      • Please follow the direction on what to do here.
        1. You must prepare your talent and the Theme will be your choice of talent here: You must pick some parts from the outfit you wore from the beginning of your audition in SF untill the last elimination.
        2. You must pick one (1) or more parts from each outfit you wore from each elimination week you were in and create your on outfit.  Make sure everything will be all from SF Designs
    • 3rd Category: Formal & Question and Answer
      • You must wear Formal outfit from SF Designs
      • You must be ready to answer a question posed to you by Swaffette 
    • Please follow your note card application carefully!  Good luck finalists!
    In the event that you are not able to make the Finale process, we will automatic disqualify you. 


     ⓒ 2012 Copyright Classic W/ Style. All rights reserved.

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