Sunday, December 9, 2012

SAGE Fashion Show

We put on a show for the fashion designs of Sage,

With a mix of mesh and standard clothing, the versatility in beautiful fashion was put on display by our gorgeous CWS models.  Check out scenes from the show below, and be sure to click the links beneath the Sage logo above to own your very own!

CWS models in SAGE fashion designs

Carla (caralyne.melody)
in "Phoebe Gown"

Ladysunfire Erin
in "Portia Mesh Yello"

Laci Rossini
in "Flirty"

Laylah Lecker
in "Laylah"

Lizzy Lighthouse-Lewis
in "Bella Sage"

Sidney Abbot
in "Paris Gown"

Lisana Rossen
in "Oaris"

Tiffani Celestalis
in "Katy"

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