Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ms Lillou Super Model: A Winner Is Crowned

It was 3rd February and it all came down to these top three finalists to see who would become Ms Lillou 2013's Super Model.

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Here are the results:

Crown Winner: Sidney Abbot

First Runner Up:  KiraLyn Destiny

Congratulations to Sidney for her fantastic achievement.  Look for Sidney at Lillou's soon as she wins a Lillou gown named after her and check out her upcoming videos and photo spreads in the upcoming magazine.

Congratulations to Ms. Lillou Merlin as well for winning the Best Designer Award.  Kudos to Ms. Merlin for all her amazing work in beautifying Second Life with her stunning fashion designs.

Ms Lillou Merlin
Best Designer
Thank you everyone who participated in this contest.  See you at our next big event!

Sidney Abbot



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