Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lillou Designs fashion show

CWS was proud to present the fashion designs of Ms Lillou Merlin, owner and designer of Lillou Designs
Lillou represents stunning SL fashion and the models were eager to show off their professional skills on the runway clothed in Lillou's designs.  Check out the photos from the show below:
Our CWS models!

Our Video models chosen from the audience
Thanks to Ms. Ladysunfire Erin for directing the dance

Lisana Rossen
Carla (caralyne.melody)
Ladysunfire Erin
Laci Rossini
Laylah Lecker

Liberty Lighthouse
Lizzy Lighthouse-Lewis
MsChevia Johannson
Sidney Abbot
Tiffani Celestalis
Vicky Yongbo
tabytha1 baily

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  1. Thank you to the team that has, as always, a wonderful job.
    Hugss my dear friends :)