Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jay Gee fashion show

The wonderful designs of Jay Gee were showcased at our majestic black and white venue.  In the opulent but relaxed setting the audience was treated to a marvellous fashion show of Ms. JayGee2 Vollmar's creations.

Some of the CWS Models
Held on a Friday instead of our usual Saturday, we filled the seats to capacity despite the unusual time.  And as usual we chose several audience members kind enough to model in our end of show video.  Thank you to those who helped.

Check out more of the stunning designs at Jay Gee's store online at or in-world at

Our Centre of Attraction: Vicky Yongbo

Ania Lennie

Carla (caralyne.melody)

MsChevia Johannson

Janet Brink

Laci Rossini

Sidney Abbot

tabytha1 baily

Tiffani Celestalis

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