Saturday, November 17, 2012


On the 17th November 2012 Classic with Style and Lillou Designs was proud to hold auditions for the Ms Lillou Designs

Classic w/ Style

Lillou Merlin Designs
The crown winner will win this:
  • The title of  Lillou Super Model.
  • 20 000L$  Sponsored by Classic W/ Style.
  • A Gown will be Named after You by Lillou's Designs.
  • You will be photographed by our in house Photographer.
  • Your picture will be in our magazine and video ad announcement.
  • Your picture will appear on the Classic W/ Style blog
First Runner Up:
  • 10 000L$
  • Gift Certificate from Lillou's Designs

Second Runner Up:

  • 5 000L$
  • Gift Certificate from Lillous Designs

Here are the audition results in no particular order:




Kiralyn Destiny

Sidney Abbot



Summitt Beaumont

Marycarmen Hyandi



Lostris Sleydon



Eavanya Firelyte

Congratulations to our top 15:
1. Mschevia Resident
2. Ms Averil Resident
3. Timberlynn Resident
4.  Laiti Resident
5.  Gracianne Resident
6.  Kiralyn Destiny
7. Summitt Beaumont
8. Irene105 Resident
9. Sidney Abbot
10. Lostris Sleydon
11. Gloriasilverstone Resident
12. Lil2imp Resident
13. Marycarmen Hyandi
14. Eavanya Firelyte
15. Caralyne Melody

You will compete to our next Elimination round on  November 25th @12:00 noon/slt.

Ms Lillou's Super Model  2013 Elimination Process
Get Ready!  Please read the whole note:
┋★Sponsor by CWS and Lillou's Design
┋┋★ωнєяє: ...::: Red Runway
┋┋┋★ωнєη: »» Sunday  November 25th, 2012
┋┋┋┋★Time:  12:00 pm/slt

1. Please fill in the application notecard in-world before the 24th November 2012.

2. What to get ready during the elimination process:
  1.. You will need to buy or have two (2) outfits from Lillou's Design.
  2. You will style yourself and mix and match the outfit and be creative.
  3. Get your ten (10) poses and description ready of the outfit you are going to wear next week.  You will paste your description when you get in front of the judges.
  4. You will enclose pictures exactly on what you will be wearing next week
  5. Fill in the application and you must send this back now till November 24th by noon.

Remember we will eliminate 2 finalists and only 13  contestants will remain to compete for the following week. 

Congratulations and Good Luck!

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